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PinePhone - VAT in order - petrmasek - 07-15-2020


I want to order one Pinephone but there is VAT $42 for Hongkong in my order. I'm from Czech republic from EU. Will I pay the VAT twice (Hongkong and Czech republic)? Or how does it work with VAT? I don't want to pay the VAT twice.

RE: PinePhone - VAT in order - Alho - 07-16-2020

No, you are charged for your local VAT when Living in EU. I guess it is just an oversight, that it says Hong Kong.

RE: PinePhone - VAT in order - agD0i7rY - 07-16-2020

So the vat in the pre-order matches the one for China to HK?
I wanted to search for VAT in the forum but you can't search on less than 4 characters.

RE: PinePhone - VAT in order - Alho - 07-17-2020

No, it matches the VAT in your home country, which PINE64 will pay for you,
so you don't get a very high fee to pay it yourself.

RE: PinePhone - VAT in order - agD0i7rY - 07-17-2020

Thanks, so I really misunderstood Smile

RE: PinePhone - VAT in order - giamma1295 - 08-20-2020

If I understood correctly, the Vat is only for who live within the UE, basically due the fact that they will ship to us the phone through a warehouse in Poland, so from the Ue they will charge the Vat on purchase, we will not pay any additional vat or importation fee.

RE: PinePhone - VAT in order - poVoq - 08-21-2020

Oh, is this new? Or does only the PinePhone benefit from this "from inside EU" shipping?

Because I had to pay a lot of customs duties and DHL service charges on my Pinebook Pro order here in Portugal Sad

RE: PinePhone - VAT in order - Veraendert - 08-22-2020

Yes, it's new. It was introduced in July