Connection to specific AP fails after first reboot.
Here's the scenario in brief...

I recently got my Pinebook Pro.  Actually it came in the mail a month or so back but I wasn't able to get to it until yesterday.

I disabled the wireless privacy setting to enable wireless.  I connected to my home WiFi and everything was good.  Then I power cycled the Pinebook and haven't been able to connect to my home wireless again. 

I can connect to other AP's, even after reboot.  I've never had a single problem with my home AP and all other devices continue to work perfectly.

I've removed the AP and added it back, no change.  I've searched the entire filesystem for mentions of the name of my AP and removed the one I found.  In both cases I powercycled and no change.

This is pretty much making the pinebook pro useless and reinforcing my negative impression of ArchLinux which in my limited experience seems very brittle.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  It almost feels like something is being cached either somewhere on the filesystem or in the hardware itself and that the cache is corrupt.
exit the gui and use nmcli on a tty: nmcli device wifi connect YOURSSID -a

you can also reset the wireless. see the wiki or pbp-reset-wirelsss in pbp-tools.

i would remove the entry from network manager, reconnect, and reset and see what happens.
My previous response didn't make it for some reason.

I just wanted to close the loop by saying that power cycling my AP solved the issue. I hadn't tried that as no other devices were having issues.

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