Arch ARM iso for Pinebook Pro
Hello. have annyone gotten the Pinebook Pro up and running with Arch? i have been trying. but everytime i come to the Pacstrap command, it freezes. and i have to fdisk and start over.
i have booted from USB with Arch ARM iso for PBP and are trying to write it to emmcblk1.
last i was trying to pacstrap /mnt linux-pbp, but i have also tryed base. but it allways stops in the process.
i have searched all over for clues, but i am as of for now stuck.... :/
dos anyone have any clue for what my next step could be? Smile
Posting the error messages you get, both off the command and off serial, would be a good start.
(07-08-2020, 02:30 PM)Syonyk Wrote: Posting the error messages you get, both off the command and off serial, would be a good start.
you are right! Smile
but as i said, the command i was using was both "pacstrap /mnt  base" and "pacstrap /mnt linux-pbp" and there is no error messages.
it starts to load and check and everything seems to work until it just freezes after a wile.
then it stands there for hours.

i also tried to DD a img file directly to the partition, but no luck.
its a almost new SD card with good reading/writings and i have used it a cople of times with other OSes, and it works very good.
but there could be a issue with the sd card...

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