Manjaro 20.06 Step-By-Step Installation Guide
>Is mmcblk1p1 or mmcblk1p2 the correct destination?
You did say you booted from SD?
Then / will be on the SD, unless you did something tricky with extlinux.conf
This line
mmcblk1p2 179:2 0 58.1G 0 part /
You will notice that there is no mention of mmcblk2, is the emmc switch off?
Or try the unbind/bind command, or try reboots until it is seen
Maybe the mainline/manjaro uboot is too quick for emmc to be ready
--edit-- I am not sure why the labels are not showing up, try sudo blkid
To be really sure, put SD in another (linux) computer, mount 2nd partition of SD, cd to it
sudo touch This-is-SD ,,,(this makes a zero length file, on SD, will show up with ls /)
There is a definite problem if you have a 64G emmc and a 64G SD, which is which?

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