How far are we from installing Linux witout extra patches?
A few days ago Linux kernel 5.7 was released. If I understand correctly, it should now be possible to install a vanilla ARM-based Linux distro with kernel 5.7, and have (almost) everything working. However, patches are still needed for:
  • external display
  • hardware video codec
  • proper audio (mixers for all devices, as well as separation of speakers and headphones)
  • suspend/resume (custom U-boot version)
Edit: Am I missing anything else, such as WiFi firmware?

Can we make a list of where to get the patches and other resources that are required for a proper performant installation?

Can we also try and get estimates as to when the missing bits will be upstreamed?

Lastly, I imagine one could use @danielt's  Debian installer to set up a base system, pull the necessary patches from somewhere, then compile a new kernel that has all the missing bits. Has anyone tried this already, and could provide a script, or more or less some step-by-step instructions?
that is almost exactly what i have been doing for a while now.

make a diff of tsys kernel repo against the base. there is your patch.

it will be a while before everything is upstreamed.

poke around my other threads.

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