New PBP - Wifi Disabled on First Boot
Hi All!

First post, just got my new Pinebook Pro. Initial impressions are great but I ran into one small snag.

My wifi was disabled via hardware when I first powered on the machine, and I had to go googling. If this has happened to anyone else, hit the Pine Key + F11 and look for the numlock light to flash twice. Then reboot.

Wifi was fine after that, but there's no indication in the wireless settings - the adapter is just gone because it's disabled from HW.
Yes, it appears that new Pinebook Pros may have had the WiFi disabled.

We do have lots of documentation on the Wiki, including how to use the privacy switches;

Wiki - Pinebook Pro - Privacy Switches

It's a community work in progress, so if the wording or content could be improved, please do so. Or let us know, so we can make improvements.
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