August/ September Pinebook Pro, PineTab and PinePhone shipping thread
(09-14-2020, 04:51 AM)trinukso Wrote: When did you get the mail/sms of the shipment notice?
- no tracking info

Huh Huh Huh

There's plenty of people still waiting for traking info, so posting these sorts of posts just spams the thread.
Can people at least wait a couple days from when Pine64 says you should expect a tracking number? Latest update was that the EU batch shipping should start to recieve DHL tracking numbers today, I'm still waiting for mine as well.
When did you place order?
- 8/17

Which product did you order ?

Which country do you live ?
- US

Which shipment method did you use ?

When did you get the mail/sms of the shipment notice?
- Initial DHL email 9/10 with expected delivery of 9/16

- Left HK 9/11
- Arrived in Cincinnati and cleared Customs 9/12
- Arrived in Southern US 9/14
- Out for delivery 9/14
When did you place order?
- 12 August 2020

Which product did you order ?
- Pinebook Pro ANSI

Which country do you live ?
- Poland

Which shipment method did you use ?

When did you get the mail/sms of the shipment notice?
- 26 August 2020

Since I received the email nothing has changed on the DHL tracking site, it says:

Shipment information received
10:58 August 17, 2020
(09-07-2020, 12:50 AM)bcnaz Wrote: Date order placed :  September 03

Product ordered :  PMOS Community Edition Pine phone

Ship to what country :  USA

Shipping mathod :  DHL

Date received shipping notice :  waiting

Did you ever get a shipping notice? I ordered my phone around the same time from the USA and I'm wondering what to expect.
Just FYI, I ordered my Pinebook Pro on the 22nd of August and DHL delivered it today. I didn't see a shipping notification (though I have one for my RockPro64 that is supposedly coming wednesday), but it arrived today, just 3 weeks after my order, which is very reasonable turnaround for something that is produced in batches.
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(09-13-2020, 11:39 AM)Trel Wrote: How are you all able to check your status?  All I ever got was (when I pre-ordered the pinetab w/ keyboard on June 11) was an order confirmation.

I'm seeing people mention being able to see a status and what not so I'm guessing there was some other email or something I didn't get.

Anyone have any idea?

I'm in the same boat. Kind of sounds like others who ordered after are getting theirs first?
(08-24-2020, 02:24 PM)Luke Wrote: Regular shipment of PineTabs (non-DHL) is scheduled for later this week. I'll let you know when it happens.

Any word on when the non-DHL PineTabs are going to start moving by any chance?
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When did you place the order?
- Order placed June 12

Which product did you order?
- Pinetab with KB

Which country do you live?

Which shipment method did you use?
- "PineTab Shipping"

Still haven't heard anything yet.
When did you place the order?
- Order placed June 16

Which product did you order?
- Pinephone convergence

Which country do you live?
- UK

Which shipment method did you use?

Just received an email from pinestore saying it's been shipped and a tracking number. I never got any email at the time of order bar the PayPal receipt.

Out for delivery this afternoon, currently in Birmingham on it's way up to Newcastle-Under-Lyme. I was a clever boy to get it delivered to work!
@noisy Please can you say (when the tracking populates) what the country of origin of your shipment is? i.e. Hong Kong, or Poland. Just curious. Thanks.

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