Offer: Pinebook Pro (64GB+UK KBD) Europe
While i'm totally happy with my pinephone, i'am not using the pinebook pro very much.

Installed and testet the shipped Debian, Kali and Manjaro Distro's short-time, but not getting warm.
Seems that i'am focused too much in OpenBSD and my older Thinkpads. Another install would
be overkill and thats the reason for selling. 
I want to pass it on to someone who appreciates the device more.

Totally clean and without scratches, only small thing (out of the box):

The upper right corner is a bit lighter/ so more light comes from the corner.
If you push gently on the plastic frame, it dissapear - so i think it can be fixed -> maybe not enough
pressure from the back(?)
But its not a problem with a medium colored (darker) background and I was to lazy for disassembling
or shipping back to the pine-folk.

If anyone is interested, pls give me a hint via. pm.
You probably need to enable pm's in your settings first.

Some photos and location info might help too since you have no forum history.
Yes, of course - thanks. Location is Saxony/Germany.

Searching the "pm-settings' .. in the meantime.
(05-21-2020, 03:09 PM)stapes Wrote: Yes, of course - thanks. Location is Saxony/Germany.

Searching the "pm-settings' .. in the meantime.

I can't see any other settings related to "Private Messages" (accept/deny) in the settings. It's annoying to go on searching, looking for registration mails (which never arrived, not even in spam). Maybe it is because of my browser settings, okay - then it is like this.
The project here is among other things designed for privacy (Pinephone...) but I have to register with a mail address and I have to pay with PAYPAL (?) - the biggest robbery-clan/data collectors besides Amxxxx, Goxxxx etc. what?
No plan how I can/should communicate further. Then the device stays here.
Enable/disable PMs is in

The real problem is that if you've just signed up (< 3 posts or 2 days active or something like that), then your account is limited as a spam-reduction measure & you can't yet post attachments or send/receive PMs.

And about the privacy gripes, don't forget,
- You have to allow Google Recaptcha to create a forum account - trying to fingerprint you
- The web servers are all on Cloudflare, the other big data collector. (You do have a Detect Cloudflare installed in that hardened browser, don't you?) At least it's stopped trying to set __cfduid cookies after the recent update, but it's still on Cloudflare.
Sure, we don't need to talk about that.
Well, PMing you seems to work now that you have 4 posts, so I think you can proceed.
Hello, as already asked can you post 2 photos showing the issue?
(05-23-2020, 05:19 PM)46enip Wrote: Hello, as already asked can you post 2 photos showing the issue?

Of course, within the next hours. Actually i'am not nearby....
Here i'am:

(05-24-2020, 09:30 AM)stapes Wrote: Here i'am:

This is not really a "bug" or problem. But as I described, the display at the upper right edge glows a little BRIGHER, is minimal and hardly visible on the pictures. Surely not a conspicuousness for many/most humans - I just wanted to mention it for safety's sake. Therefore you don't have to send it back.

I let it run in the "brightest" setting when I took the picture. On grey or black background (depending on the angle of view) it is visible, in mixed mode nothing is noticeable anymore.

This is whining on a very high level, I realize.
Otherwise (maximum) smallest dust particles, no scratches etc. - not to be distinguished from a new one.

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