[PINE A64+ 2GB] Ubuntu - Losing Signal
Hi folks.
Well, I got some issues trying to make my Pine64 works. I have made an Ubuntu boot at my Pine64 and after few seconds using the OS, I just lost my signal. After that, I tried again, but now It does not work, after LogIn, Signal gone.
Also, I would say that the same happend with some Android and RemixOS Image, I mean, runned great at first time, but, after 10 or 60 seconds I just lost my signal. I even have tried using a LCD Image (android-ver5.1.1-lcd-version-20160603-pine64-phoenixCard) burned with PhoenixCard_V310_20130618 at Setup Module at my LG Monitor Flatron W2252tq and using a 1024x resolution and I got no signal, none at all.

Can someone help me?

Here's some information:
-I'm using a LG lcd 42LD460;
-HDMI without any adapter;
-DD imagem xubuntu-xenial-mate-20161215-longsleep-pine64-8GB burned with Win32DiskImager;
-MicroSDCard Class 10, 16GB;
-PINE A64+ 2GB board;
-PSU 5V 2A;
(02-09-2017, 07:58 PM)Arlanps Wrote: and after few seconds using the OS, I just lost my signal. After that, I tried again, but now It does not work, after LogIn, Signal gone.
Thanks for the details regarding specs... always nice to get some idea of what you're working with without having to obvious "um... your what isn't working with what?"  Cool
Can I just confirm by signal gone you mean the signal on your monitor
If so, were you able to see the power LED of the pine64 when that was happening... did it stay on the whole time? Maybe the power supply isn't giving the power it should be?
Can you burn your image again, but instead use Etcher this time, as Win32DiskImager really isn't the best program for writing images... it doesn't do any verification or checking to see if the image was written properly. This will help remove concerns that the microSD is fake or corrupt.
Hi @pfeerick .

First of all, thanks for your fast answer.

When I was refering to signal it was monitor Signal, when the signal gone, my Pine64 redLight turned off too.
About the PSU, I have changed to my cellphone PSU charger (5.1V 700MA).
I have burned again my Ubuntu img using Etcher. Here's what I got.

First boot (Keyborad connected at boot), No signal;
Second boot (Keyboard connected after boot), Worked, but after login I lost my monitor Signal;
Third boo (Keyboard connected after boot), worked, yes, worked...
when I opened firefox and tried to open a second tab I just lost my HDMI and the Pine64 led turned off.

Do you recommend what kind of PSU? Any suggestion?

Thanks again
No problem... just came in at the right time.  Smile

Ok, yup, the red light going out on a fresh image sounds like the power supply isn't up to scratch. The pine64 will pull around 1.2A in bursts (or more depending on what is plugged into it), and if the power isn't there... then that's the end of the road! The red led is simply a power indicator... so if that goes out, the pine64 has lost power or shut down.

I'll just have a quick look, and come back and edit this post. I've seen other people recommending the official Raspberry Pi PSU (tweaked to 5.1v), and I'd also recommend the Adafruit 5V 2.4A Switching Power Supply with 20AWG MicroUSB Cable as it is actually tweaked a bit higher to 5.25v to overcome voltage sag and connector losses. Both are good... so just get whichever one is more practical plug and price-wise Wink
Thanks buddy, I already bought a Raspberry PSU. Just waiting to arrive. 

I already got and it's working like a charm. Thank you pfeerick

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