Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
(06-21-2020, 05:20 AM)ajoeiam Wrote:
(06-16-2020, 08:54 AM)Arwen Wrote: @ajoeiam The newer products from Pine64 tend to use a pre-order system. Meaning they plan on making say 1,000, then open orders for that amount. Whence that amount is pre-ordered, they close pre-orders and send off the request to the manufacturing group to build them.

It's clumsy, sure, and many would like a better method. On the other hand, these are low volume devices. A normal laptop might see 50,000 made and sold in the first year. Plus, those large companies can afford to sit on inventory. So I don't know how to improve the situation, other than they should consider having quarterly pre-orders. (Which is more or less what they are doing.)

This last 8 months has been a bit of a challenge  for 3 different reasons;
* Hong Kong has been going through a few changes
* Chinese new year changed out some manufacturing staff
* And of course, the disease.

OK - - - thanks.
So if the pre-ordering is on a quarterly basis I should be able to join the queue in about 11 days - - - - yes?
No. It's not that exact. There is a need to get the prior products fully shipped. Plus, learn what problems their were, to fix them if possible for the next batch.

I don't have any further information.
Arwen Evenstar
Princess of Rivendale

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