Pinebook Pro structural integerity failing
Today I tried to open my pbp and after a few centimeters i noticed that something was wrong. The gap between the body and the lid was not parallel anymore. So I stopped and inspected the area around the hinges and found some cracks. I didn't close the lid, because this would add more stress to the components and removed the bottom cover. Soon plastic pieces and metal pieces fell out of the housing. As it turned out, I managed to rip one hinge completely out of its socket and the other one partially. Have a look at the pictures!
My pbp is an ISO model, which I received in November 2019. It never left my desk. I opened it once a day. And I handled it with care. Silicone spray was applied to the hinges, because I read about the issues other people had.
To open or close the hinges by hand now, I have to apply a lot of power. I'm not sure if the hinges are seized. Maybe they have to be that firm, because if you open and close the lid, you are using a long lever. Anyway, you put a lot of force through the hinge to the body and my pbp couldn't take it anymore.
I will contact support at pine64. I will keep you informed about their reaction.


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