Mobile Carriers in the United States
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(08-01-2020, 05:53 PM)Lt. Dillinger Wrote: I also shared this in another area, but just incase some users aren't using the UBPorts edition Phone, I wanted to maybe help someone out here, so her's a copy-paste.

** An update to help others out:  On 8/1/2020 my wife and I had to go to a bigger city in Tennessee (I live in the boonies of NW Tennessee) so I decided to take the Pine 64 with me to see if just maybe it would connect to the Mint (T-Mobile) cell towers and within 15 seconds it was connect with a full 4 bars.  So much for the Mint website telling me I had good coverage in my area.  So, I tried to call my iPhone X and nothing.  I tried having my iPhone call the P64 and it rang through, but very low volume and very scratchy sounding too.  What was interesting was I sent my wife a test text and it went through, be she couldn't respond back. So, I'm making progress and I called Mint Mobile who will refund my money as I had a 7 days test run after paying for 3 months.  Apparently I need to find a Verizon type plan like Mint as I have very good coverage in my area from my Straight Talk plan, but I don't want to pay that much.  Too bad because I was very hopeful with the Mint plan working.

Have you tried using Mobian from a SD card ?   The APN is not automated, but clicking save works on the first or second try there.
    ( Many carriers APN's are in the wiki )

A few posts in other threads have had decent luck using Mobian with Mint as their carrier.

Good Luck
Initially I though the issue was the UB Touch OS, but it's Mint has horrible coverage where I live.  I'd prefer staying with Touch OS as I'm running the latest version of Ubuntu on my ThinkPad and I'm very pleased with it.
I was hoping to use the UBports option myself as I like the layout and functionality but I could not get it to work properly with T-Mobile (no calls in or out and texting out only). I am waiting on a Mint SIM to see if that will work. I am now running Mobian on an SD card and can make and receive phone calls through my T-Mobile SIM but texting is not working (which may or may not be because my number is tied to Apple iMessages).

The call volume is very low and hollow sounding on my side and has static on the receiver's side. The camera works but is extremely laggy, so not ready for regular usage. The camera did not work at all the UBports OS. I have not been able to update the Mobian OS through the GUI so some things might have been resolved. I still prefer the UBports OS as it seems more polished but I will probably use whichever OS offers the greatest functionality at this stage. But at least the PinePhone seems to make switching OS versions rather easy, so people can try whatever they want.
I had to use sudo apt update && apt dist-upgrade to re-sync software app on Mobian. There's a change in dependencies that broke it. Switch to development channel for the latest fixes on ubports

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