Mobile Carriers in the United States
(08-01-2020, 05:53 PM)Lt. Dillinger Wrote: I also shared this in another area, but just incase some users aren't using the UBPorts edition Phone, I wanted to maybe help someone out here, so her's a copy-paste.

** An update to help others out:  On 8/1/2020 my wife and I had to go to a bigger city in Tennessee (I live in the boonies of NW Tennessee) so I decided to take the Pine 64 with me to see if just maybe it would connect to the Mint (T-Mobile) cell towers and within 15 seconds it was connect with a full 4 bars.  So much for the Mint website telling me I had good coverage in my area.  So, I tried to call my iPhone X and nothing.  I tried having my iPhone call the P64 and it rang through, but very low volume and very scratchy sounding too.  What was interesting was I sent my wife a test text and it went through, be she couldn't respond back. So, I'm making progress and I called Mint Mobile who will refund my money as I had a 7 days test run after paying for 3 months.  Apparently I need to find a Verizon type plan like Mint as I have very good coverage in my area from my Straight Talk plan, but I don't want to pay that much.  Too bad because I was very hopeful with the Mint plan working.

Have you tried using Mobian from a SD card ?   The APN is not automated, but clicking save works on the first or second try there.
    ( Many carriers APN's are in the wiki )

A few posts in other threads have had decent luck using Mobian with Mint as their carrier.

Good Luck

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