Pinebook Pro not powering on / not booting (tried things listed in wiki/forum)
I just wanted to update this post:

Since I did not want to spend the time finding a faulty component on a new product I contacted pine customer service and and asked for a refund. Initially they were asking for a 15% restocking fee. But I insisted this be treated under warranty, which they accepted. I had to pay shipping cost myself (about $15 for USPS medium size flat rate box from Texas to the return center in California), but the reimbursement was prompt after the package had been delivered to the return center.

I'd like to thank @Natrox for the help and hopefully the comments will be useful for somebody else running into this kind of issues with their pinebook pro!

Since I needed a reliable laptop to run linux on I instead bought a Motile M141 for $200 from Walmart for now. Which also is lightweight and has a 14" inch display, which were my main criteria (along with the price) for buying the pinebook in the first place.

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