Special mid-month update - shipping status of PBP ; PT and PP
(10-18-2019, 11:34 AM)rick1959 Wrote:
(10-18-2019, 11:28 AM)binarian Wrote:
(10-18-2019, 11:22 AM)rick1959 Wrote: I just picked mine up from DHL in Plantation, Florida.....So not sure what's up with DHL. Everything went smooth until pickup. I was supposed to be e-mailed/SMS a code to unlock the automated pickup container. Never got one, although the nice lady at the facility INSISTED I got one....Much tribulation later. I walked out with my PBP....
Amazing shipping speed can't argued!! Do they have a Star Trek Transporter beam? Hong Kong to south Florida in about 24 hours....
More when I can get some time to play...GOOD LUCK to those still awaiting your PBP. Can't be long! :-)

Automated pickup container?  How'd that get set up?  Is it possible that those that haven't gotten any word yet are supposed to be picking the PBP up somewhere, and we haven't been notified about it?  Or did you make special arrangements to have that happen?
After I got notification, I signed up for their DHL program for notification. So it was AFTER notification. BUT, I am wondering, as a result of the botched notification of the locker codes, whether notification got misdirected for some. Did you ever get the e-mail from the "Pinebook Team" your order was completed and gave tracking info?

The latest email from the Pinebook Team I have is from Sept. 25:

We are pleased to inform you that the 1st batch Pinebook Pro is estimate dispatch by this week and the delivery lead time is around 2-5days, if there was no any customs clearance delay.
We would suggest that you may track your tracking number online and schedule with local DHL/Fedex when the package reach your country to avoid the package failed on delivery.
A friendly reminds that the package required signature confirmation by DHL/Fedex and only make 3 attempt if recipient not home.

Please to reminds the if the address was found by the courier service that the address was Invalid Address/Postcode/Street Name/Apartment No., there will be non-refundable for Shipping cost if buyer provide "bad address" or change the delivery address without notice. There will be an extra another charges if the package return back to seller.
Also, If buyer refuse the duty and tax to clear customs and caused the package return back to seller, we will unable to refund you any amount if costs is over your order amount.


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