Pre-boot questions

I am about to be the proud owner of a RockPro64 SBC (It's due to arrive tomorrow!).

My immediate goals are to use it as a Smart TV set-top box (for streaming) and/or an NAS server for my local network,  besides the fun of playing around with it.

I'm aware that Android-TV is not the best host for an NAS server and plan on setting up alternative boot scenarios to allow for independent testing of each use.

The problem is that while linux-extractable archives (*,gz) for Android-TV are findable, the only other linux images I could find were buried inside a *.xz archive that apparently requires 7zip (a Windows executable) to extract.

It would probably be possible to run 7zip under WINE to extract the .xz archives, but that's a last resort.

All my systems are (gentoo) linux, is there a set of linux images that are archived using a format that I can read?

I have no overwhelming preference as to which linux, but the LXDE desktop is familiar so Ubuntu would be convenient.

Is there a list of RockPro64 linux images that can be extracted on linux?

Thanks for your time.

Brett K. Heath

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