RockPro64 and Pine H64 Discussion Thread
(06-14-2018, 04:02 AM)Luke Wrote: First of all, I only tested on android as I've been told by evilbunny (who is infinitely more competent than me) that the module is currently not stable in Linux. As for swamping out the antennas the speed did not improve (not necessarily the modules fault) but the range did improve quite a bit and quality of signal is clearly more stable. So yes, for a few quid thats a good upgrade.

lol... How about non-existent by default... I'm sure I saw ayufan say only in the last two days he hasn't dont anything on the wifi / wifi not working. Tongue

Range should be the only improvement with the better antenna unless the QoS was that poor with the old ones (highly unlikely) it was dropping packets like gummy bears... Wink I also had to get that type of antenna for my pine64... I found out the hard way the adhesive really doesn't want to let go of the 'pad'... damn thing tore in half when I tried to take the backing off, so my pine64 /w battery in ABS case got a rubber ducky antenna and it works a treat.

I'd love to know what actual difference it makes to the antennas if the module is SDIO or PCIe. It's not like the wavelength changes, and power won't increase, just rate the data is sent/received at. Half think it's nonsense text that sometimes makes it into listings...

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