RockPro64 and Pine H64 Discussion Thread
All below is related to the RockPro64 dev board.

Great specs.

But BT 4.1 is a disappointment though. BT 4.2 would have been better (for me) because of more speed (to my BT 4.2 laptop) and I want to experiment with the IP connectivity (internet) for smart devices/sensors.
1) So can you confirm that it is possible to successfully use a BT 4.2 dongle in one of the USB 2.0 ports ?
2) Will it be possible to fully disable/blacklist only the BT controller of the WiFi/BT module, and leave the WiFi fully working ?

3) Will you be making available downloads of, or links to, the onboard chips datasheets and example source code ?
For example a link like this one : and also links to, or downloadable sample code of, a working skeleton with hints and comments.
Yes, make it easy for devs. In MS style.

I realise that the kernel and userspace source code for Mali drivers is probably blob format only, and therefore off-limit.
4) Do you release Linux kernel and Android kernel as full source, or source code with blobs ?

5) What else will be released as blob only?
6) For how many years will you actively support the RockPro64 with image updates, and source code updates ?

"..... there are mounting holes for a heatsink and a header for a fan on the PCB. .....".
7) Will a heatsink+quiet_fan combo be available upon launch, or is this up to 3rd parties ?

"..... Both boards have the same dimensions as the original Pine A64 (133mm x 80mm x 19mm). ....."
8) But the i/o ports will be layed out differently and there will be a heatsink+fan combo. Will a case (taking into account heatsink+fan combo) be available upon launch, or is this up to 3rd parties ?

9) Will there be power supplies/adapters available ?
10) If not, what power supply/adapter without PCI-e card, and what power supply/adapter with a lot of power sucking PCI-e card ?
(Volt, amp, plug).

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