No HDMI Output
Hello all!  Finally getting around to trying my 2GB Pine 64 I got through the Kickstarter.  Setting it up as a home calendar in the kitchen to replace a Raspberry PI version I have running that is beyond ready to retire.  

-I bought a Samsung EVO+ 32GB microSD off Amazon.  I figured not skimping on the boot drive was the way to go for these boards.
-I also bought a Anker 3A 5V supply with "Qualcomms IQ" support.  I use these chargers on some really big backup battery packs and know they can put out a good bit of current.  I am also using a really good MicroUSB cable.
-I have a tested HDMI I used with the Raspberry PI.
-I have 3 different monitors.  A Dell, Samsung, and a touch screen Lenovo I intend on using.  
-I have tried 4 different images (Android 6.0, Android 6.0 rooted, Remix OS 2.0, and Android 7.0
-I have used Win32Imager, Etcher, and am now flashing a image via Pine64Installer (very cool program by the way - talk about making it easy to image a card!)

I have tried prepping the card different ways using diskpart and cleaning the partition off the disk and still haven't had any luck getting the board to boot (or so I thought).

I then hooked up Wireshark to the Pine board and sure enough, ~55 seconds after applying power (Remix test) I get Ethernet activity whoch tells me the board is booting but not putting out any HDMI.  I've tried 3 different displays.  The Samsung won't even allow me to select the HDMI input as it says no HDMI device is detected.  

Any idea how to get the HDMI output working on these boards?  Do they need configured for HD displays after booting with a different display type (LCD)?


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