Sound Output Quality

I've finally got my Pine 64 and I'm making a media center to watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc... 
But the analogue sound output quality is low, it sounds a metallic and has no lows.
I noticed it both while I'm streaming and also playing .mp4 files. Also the output level is quite low, I need to crack up my mixer gain to see a few 'bars of gain' on the VU.

Is anyone experiencing the same? Is there a tip of how to fix it? 

Thanks in advance Smile
I's like expect. I Have not got my pine jet but have ordered and got an external I2S Audio D/A converter for the same purpose as you, saturos.

The pine 64 should be able to drive both a I2S converter and a SPDIF converter ( SPDIF will require ether a optical output or a a simple coaxial 75 Ohm driver)

I will come back to when I'm up and running!

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