Geekbench Scores for Android 7.0 with longsleep kernel?
Thanks for the explanation. Killing idle CPU cores sounds pretty weird. I've done some tests with Allwinner's H3 a few weeks ago (and assume A64 behaves exactly identical) and there idle consumption with 1 vs 4 CPU cores active makes a difference of maybe 30mW (in other words: none or not able to measure correctly). Quoting linux-sunxi wiki:
Quote:Modern processors implement advanced clock gating for power saving purposes and if the processor is sitting on a WFI instruction, then the power consumption is already significantly reduced regardless of the CPU clock speed

So I would hope for cpufreq / dvfs scaling behaviour in Android comparable to Linux now (where we were able to get nice performance improvements by tweaking cpufreq / dvfs / ths settings back in March)

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RE: Geekbench Scores for Android 7.0 with longsleep kernel? - by tkaiser - 09-20-2016, 04:29 AM

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