After update - won't power up with HDMI connected
OK - now my Pine64+ (2 GB) won't stay "on" when I've got it connected to my lapdock.  Longsleep latest Debian XFCE build...

It was working before I did :  :

sudo -i

(didn't need to resize - I already did that from GParted on my Linux workstation)

When I power it up, either from the power button, or plugging into mains (i.e. USB otg) - it stays up...

Once it's up - and - staying up - if I plug it into my Lapdock - I get nothing output...

If I try to power it up connected to the Lapdock - either drawing power from the Lapdock or direct from mains (i.e. USB otg) the PWR LED will come on for about 5-10 seconds then it shuts off again.

If I can get it "rescued" from this state (e.g. SSH over ethernet [I don't know what IP address it's getting over work's WiFi]) I'm going to rename the host to pezzo-di-merda...

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After update - won't power up with HDMI connected - by UnixOutlaw - 09-09-2016, 12:05 AM

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