Switching from touchscreen to HDMI
(08-11-2016, 05:56 AM)xalius Wrote: Hi, where are you stuck with building a Linux kernel? Are you building a BSP kernel based on longsleep's work or a mainline kernel based on linux-sunxi ?

You can find longsleep's kernel work at his github, it's the basis for running his Ubuntu images or lenny's Debian images or my Gentoo test image as well as info on how to build the different firmwares needed to boot A64 here:


This is based on the 3.10.x BSP kernel release from Allwinner's Linux SDK, with some community fixes and forwarded to 3.10.102 by longsleep.

For mainline kernel you need to have a look at the linux-sunxi community:


Fire219 build some test images for 4.7 you can use headless for testing stuff (mainline doesn't have a video driver yet) with GbE, USB and some low-level interfaces already.

Yeah, a bit of topic --- but --- I've tried the longsleep build.  Did all the pulls, etc.  Followed the steps.  May have had trouble with busybox - as when I 'cpio'd my initrd to check the files, I got total garbage.  Found another git that had a "one-shot" script to do the whole thing.....  May try that Friday night.  If nothing else, I can try a different prebuilt initrd image.

I got the linaro aarch64 gnu toolchain 4.9 and the 5.3 arm toolchain.   Put the whole thing in docker.  The idea is to set up a docker container to build the whole thing --- if I can, I'll publish my docker images.

More on topic, though, NVidia has a public git for the open source stuff on the shield controller (that does the HDMI/LCD switch).  May get some ideas out of that.


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