2020 PinePhone Manjaro CE EU for sale, name your price
I'm getting rid of my 2020 PinePhone Manjaro CE EU, so I'm offering it in this forum first.

I used it for a few weeks, found a few software issues (see my other threads) but other than that it did its job (of convincing me that it was not ready to be my main driver). Shortly after buying it though suddenly it stopped booting and honestly I didn't have time to reinstall the whole thing, so I stored it and never looked back.

If you're interested please name your price below. Shipping costs are on you.

If there are no responses in about a month, I'll dispose it somewhere safe.

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2020 PinePhone Manjaro CE EU for sale, name your price - by astrojuanlu - 01-01-2024, 04:25 PM

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