Does tow-boot allow periodic wake from suspension to check for notifications?
(05-23-2022, 04:11 PM)DrPlamsa Wrote: Last time I was using my PP intensively was August of 2021. At that time, I wanted to get the PP to mostly be suspended, but every 10 min or so, wake up and check for notifications (emails, Matrix messages, Signals, etc.). I did manage to get it to do that (and so finally got a comfortable day's battery life out of it), but you'll see that it is a labor intensive hack to implement. Here's my thread on that:

I've been waiting for a better-implementation of this functionality to come around. Has it? Does tow-boot do this now? I see good things, but the forum posts and docs don't specifically address this question.

So, what's the verdict? Does Mobian on the PP now periodically wake up to check for notifications? (It already did this for texts, via CRUST. I'm looking for general functionality; not just texts but emails and all other messages)

Thank you!

I know there are still some glitches in the KDE Plasma + Manjaro version, but I think I got about a full day out of it. Have used the Manjaro + Phosh a bit as well, but I think Plasma is getting better under-the-hood.  I could be wrong about it, since I have done no benchmark testing.  I have been using my pinephone as my DD since the original convergence package.  It definitely works much better and has much more functionality and much better battery life.  I do think the Plasma version is the focus of the Pinephone specifically, so Plasma + Manjaro may be more tuned to the PP.  Of course I am no regular smartphone user, and do not do much other than text and call with the occasional web-browser while I'm out moment, so your requirements might be entirely different.  i do notice that calls significantly drain the battery, though it seems plasma has gotten much better at this aspect in the recent dev releases.  I am running the "dev" version from github, btw, so that could be a factor since it uses kde-dev repos...
I suggest testing it yourself to see, if you do not use the phone extensively.

Side question, do you need an alternate Android/iPhone to get signal to work on the phone?

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