Any hope for PineTime.
My PineTime is stuck on the InfiniTime triangles after trying to install the latest update 1.9.0. That got to 1% install and dropped the connection. The first restart got back to the normal watch screen so I tried again with the same result. Now holding the power button in gets the green Pine then just boots to InfiniTime screen. Have tried oldr updates which get to 2% before the connection is dropped, have left it for a couple of days tom drain with the same result. Holding the power button for longer just cycles through red green amd blue pines but ends at the same place. This is a sealed version and the hard reset has always worked before when stuck on InfiniTime screen. All update had been validated. Any hints on what to try next.

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Any hope for PineTime. - by lakotaubp - 04-21-2022, 12:17 AM
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RE: Any hope for PineTime. - by ITCactus - 04-23-2022, 06:45 AM
RE: Any hope for PineTime. - by lakotaubp - 04-25-2022, 07:49 AM

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