Waydroid Intallation on Bookworm
Hi All

I Wish email notification of replies would work here.

Thanks for the responses and yes I eventually used that link sfb and got it to work.
There are many pain in the **s apps that come along with it, that seem very resilient to being killed of.

One of the most annoying is the clock screen.
Whenever I type a bit to quick on my computer keyboard, it pops up.

However I now have the Health Dept scan app working , albeit without the camera. I just manually enter the number
and I am logged in.

bcnaz I have used Debian for years and you are right , they are conservative to the point of distraction.
The backup of packages waiting to be approved is getting longer all the time.
So, for my daily browsing playing around I use Mint and Debian for all dev work.


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