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Waydroid Intallation on Bookworm - Dinosaur1946 - 01-15-2022

Hi All

I have browsed for days and simply can't find a description on how to install Waydroid on Mobian.
Have installed it on Manjaro no problem at all.
If I were to go back to bullseye, it would probably succeed as well.

There are also a few posts about how well it runs on Bookworm, but alas no description as to the method used.

Is there anyone on this forum that could describe how to overcome the bullseye limitation, it would really be appreciated.


RE: Waydroid Intallation on Bookworm - jsch - 01-16-2022


Pick the steps from where you need to replace bullseye with bookworm.
When you stumble over network issues, have a look on

RE: Waydroid Intallation on Bookworm - bcnaz - 01-19-2022


Mobian  has been adopted into the Debian system, they are a bit stricter on what they officially "Support"

I think I've read that Debian will not officially support Android  ( as that would break some of their rules )...

Being a Linux operating system,  you can most likely make it work on Mobian...
but if you have problems with that,  you will need to ask elsewhere than the Mobian Developers for support.

While None of the popular Pine phone operating systems are considered FOSS,  <--->  Debian/Mobian is probably the closest to meeting the FOSS standards.
...( of the choices for Pine phone operating systems)

I'm not trying to discourage you,  but you appear new to the forum and And I thought perhaps you were not familiar with the Debian differences.

Welcome to the Pine forum

RE: Waydroid Intallation on Bookworm - sfb - 01-20-2022

Have you seen this: ?

RE: Waydroid Intallation on Bookworm - bcnaz - 01-20-2022

(01-20-2022, 04:12 AM)sfb Wrote: Have you seen this: ?

Thanks good to know, 
maybe I can get some of  my kids interested in Linux if they can keep some of their Android stuff.

My self I try to stay closer to Debian clean on my own equipt.

RE: Waydroid Intallation on Bookworm - Dinosaur1946 - 01-23-2022

Hi All

I Wish email notification of replies would work here.

Thanks for the responses and yes I eventually used that link sfb and got it to work.
There are many pain in the **s apps that come along with it, that seem very resilient to being killed of.

One of the most annoying is the clock screen.
Whenever I type a bit to quick on my computer keyboard, it pops up.

However I now have the Health Dept scan app working , albeit without the camera. I just manually enter the number
and I am logged in.

bcnaz I have used Debian for years and you are right , they are conservative to the point of distraction.
The backup of packages waiting to be approved is getting longer all the time.
So, for my daily browsing playing around I use Mint and Debian for all dev work.


RE: Waydroid Intallation on Bookworm - Dinosaur1946 - 01-30-2022

Hi All

As a follow up on this issue, I finally got Waydroid to install reliably on Mobian Bookworm.
However the link wiki/ info needs some adjusting.

1: lxc needs to be installed before starting the install.
2: Once the files are created in folders before running "debuild -us -uc"
    the 3 x compat files have to be edited to change the value to 7 or above.
3: The last instruction sudo dpkg -i waydroid_1.0.0_all.deb  failed and when I looked into it
     the value should be 1.2.0_all

Then it all succeeds.