which distro + DE are you using these days on the Pinebook Pro?
(07-14-2021, 10:45 PM)moonwalkers Wrote: Debian Sid here. Almost stock - just extra acpid hackery for speakers muting/unmuting on headphones plugging/unplugging, WiFi/BT firmware, asound.state with immutable flag. Oh, and u-boot-rockchip from Debian Experimental. The only thing that doesn't work is deep sleep.

I installed mine completely manually, doing essentially the same thing that debootstrap does automatically, but official SD card image with u-boot from experimental should work too, though partitioning would likely need to be done manually and u-boot also needs to be installed separately from experimental.

why did you choose Debian Sid?

I'm asking because I'm after a distro and DE combo that provides the greatest performance and stability on the Pinebook Pro. (I should have pointed out in the opening post.)

(07-15-2021, 07:10 AM)jms429 Wrote: Manjaro & i3.

Find it to be pretty snappy, and the Manjaro i3 ISO has some nice defaults and everything works.

thanks. which desktop environment do you think is the best?

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