Cannot boot from SD cards any longer.
Mainboards are $20, the usbcport replacement even less I imagine. Also try the "usb-c fix for pinephones" on youtube video. Less than 6min video, very detailed and simple to do. I haven't even tested my convergence dongle yet. I hope I'm in for a good surprise. I didn't test squat. I've only installed mobian phosh and that's it. Manjaro kde plasma can kma. No offense

My dock is detected (Ican dock and undock from the notification area as well) but monitor detects nothing. The phone very briefly tried to go into the splitscreen mode it's supposed to when connected but the monitor remained blank. I'm not giving the dock any power but that from the phone so maybe it needs more power. I suspect i will have to do the usbc mod. The mouse was detected via the usb2.4 dongle and that's as far as I got. I definitely need the pine64 power supply. I'll probably do the mod beforehand in any case unless it's just a power issue. I don't know. NBD. It still boots and acts as a phone which is all that matters.

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