Modem stops working after CRUST
I've done some exhaustive testing with multiple different distributions (Manjaro, UbTouch, SXMO, Pure) on my new Manjaro CE PinePhone, and no matter what, after some time, the 4G stops working completely after unlocking the screen until i reboot the phone. I've also updated the modem firmware from the sticky post in your forums but that didn't change anything either. I've been getting conflicting information on matrix/google. Most people say they don't have those issues or very infrequently, for me its constantly doing that and I feel like I spend most of the time rebooting my phone to get it to work again briefly.

Support was unhelpful as f***, made me doubt they even read the damn ticket and really pisses me off...

Quote:We suspect that the OS build not been flashed correctly at the factory. Please try re-flash the New image OS as below step.

Instructions on how to re-flash the OS image can be found here:

The newest Manjaro Phosh build is available to download from here:

Thank you.


support team # 4...

Is this a hardware defect? Do I have to bother with the ticket support?

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