Before I buy... is PinePhone actually open source?

We require open source firmware verifiable 4G/MNO connectable via SIM Card devices with POTS call capability and zero possibility of GPS location awareness.

I am going off this review:

Correct me if this review is outdated. But the first thing I noticed is the oppressively large Quectel EG25-G chip. This is not open source correct? And it has proprietary firmware correct? Also its from China. And has a built in GPS/GLONASS chip, right?

So basically if I want to be sure GPS is not on giving my location to Xi Jinping's CCP automotons, it basically means I can never use the PinePhone as a phone, correct? I don't like software switches. They can be exploited. Don't assume my threat model nor assume or underestimate the adversary. It's possible, and when a threat is possible you don't hope, you make the threat an impossibility, end of story. Especially if you're serious about not dying alone in a death camp, or watching your children, sister, mother, grandmother disappear in the middle of the night never to be seen again.

So whats the solution here? Remove the chip? And use something like an external MIFI device that gives me 4G connectivity, but allows me to connect my PinePhone via wifi while being sure my mifi device has no onboard GPS ship and an overseas international roaming MNVO sim card bought with monero and shipped to a hotel room paid with cash under a false name?

If going the route of removing the Quectel chip and using an audited mifi device is the only option, then my last question whats your best recommendation for phone calls on the device while not touching the phone number on the SIM, just using the sim for encrypted data and using the phone for VOIP. In the past we've had great success with Twilio and Zoiper App on android devices. The android devices have no gps, are wifi only, and we use wifi to connect to first a hardware router with hardware VPN, then the route connects to another MIFI device that only accepts data. And then twilio calls are made through various twilio merchant providers that allow you to pay with crypto. Ultimately multilateration on random anonymous SIM cards in the context is too much work for advasaries because twilio is unaware if where the actual call is coming from and the MVNO and MNO Tower operator isn't aware of what data is being sent or recieved on the sim card. And again the phone number on the SIM card is never used. Its just for encrypted voip calls, but no body knows who the caller is except the person receiving the call.

All in all this is a bulky setup. It means to have truly anonymous mobile phone calls one has to carry around a router, mifi device, android device and various battery packs, then keep everything configured via a laptop. Its very difficult when one VPN connection gets bogged down. Or your mifi or other devices lose power, you must wait for them to boot up. So I am hoping I can build a better solution with PinePhone or Pine64 architecture in general. We would also like to transition into Satt, as this would make multilateration irrelevant. Meaning while the tower might not know whose using the international SIM card, but they can investigate every single person that turns one on. Deanonymising the target and their mission. So any help with Satellite would be appreciated as well.

We are ready to buy many devices if we can make something possible here. Well make something better than our current setup.

Thank you for your help.

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