Graphical login hanging after password entry
Because X is running on tty1, but not on tty2. A tty is a "virtual terminal", meaning it is supposed to represent an actual physical screen and keyboard, etc. The terminals are all on simultaneously, but since you only have enough hardware to interface with one at a time, that's what you get.
You can in fact run multiple X sessions on different ttys and switch between them. You need a valid ~/.xinit or ~/.Xclients first. If you don't, for illustration:

just try this and thanks me later

echo -e "#!/bin/sh\n mwm" > ~/.xinit
chmod u+x ~/.xinit

If there isn't a display manager doing something totalitarian, you should get a plain black window with a big X mouse cursor. Left clicking should give a crude looking menu from which you can now "Quit"; but before that CtrlAltF1 will take you to the other X session on tty1 (and F2 gets you back, etc.).

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