No Sound After Reboots
(09-22-2020, 06:32 PM)LMalilil Wrote: Everytime I reboot my phone I have to manually go into the sound settings and switch the output sound setting from Default to Phone and then back to Default or my speakers don’t work. Anyone have a fix for this? Began happening after using headphones to listen to podcasts
Same happened to me recently. If I set the output to internal speakers sometimes it stays and sometimes it reverts to headphones (which I do not have nor have ever plugged in). When audio is set to headphones I can neither hear callers, nor they me.

I do not know how to correct it, apart from setting it to internal and checking regularly that it has not reset to headphones. Not sure that it is a pinephone only problem - my pinebook pro audio was set to 'dummy output' yesterday too

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