earpiece sound setting
I use pinephone Brave Heart edition with mobian as daily phone. It nearly works fine for my use. Thanks a lot for mobian !

I still have an issue to set correctly the volume of the ear piece. When I set it whith alsamixer or phosh settings, the value is sometime changed (during reboot for instance).

In alsamixer, master is at 100%, and earpiece at 100%. It is too much for my earpiece that is sounding very bad, making phone call difficult to hear because volume is too high with a lot of cracks. The range where the sound is ok is very small compared to the setting range in phosh settings. If I change the values in phosh settings and make a test of earpiece and go back to alsamixer, those values are back again to 100%.

I don't know which part of the software is storing the sound settings, I guess, it is not alsamixer. So if you can explain me how it is dealt with, I would be extremely gratefull.

Is there a way to avoid sound setting changes if not manually applied by the user ?

Thanking you in advance for your help !
* PinePhone BraveHeart Edition

I have the same phone with Mobian August 10 nightly release running on SD card.

I wish I could turn my volume up a bit.

I think I saw a post by a-wai saying the volume controls will  be soon included a new release.
You probably need to go digging through the PulseAudio and alsa docs to see if there's anything you can do as a workaround until this is supported. PulseAudio profiles use alsa UCM profiles if they exist. For the PinePhone the packaged ones are in /usr/share/alsa/ucm2/PinePhone/ so if you edit them your changes will most likely be overwritten by any package update. There's a cli tool called alsaucm that can manipulate these, but I don't know how/whether it lets you change the volumes set in the EnableSequence sections, and how/whether these changes would be persistent.
thank you wibble !

Thanks a lot,
in /usr/share/alsa/ucm2/PinePhone/VoiceCall.conf I edited the line :
cset "name='Earpiece Playback Volume' 100%"

cset "name='Earpiece Playback Volume' 60%"
and called someone who doesn't sound like a robot !

That will change my life ! (PinePhone is my only phone, I live braveheart style).
* PinePhone BraveHeart Edition

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