Pinebook Pro with 2GB RAM
(09-15-2020, 02:00 PM)gos007 Wrote: I did a lot of shutdowns and restarts and it still shows me only 2 GB of RAM. I also tried other distros and the same problem.

Well, first things last - try all the rebooting and updating that you can muster. And then, send out an email to support immediately. Get it on record that you reported it within the first few days of unpacking and all that good stuff.

This is a tinkerers hardware device; probably mass produced in China, and for $199 they aren't going to have the inspection control that Apple computers does on an iPhone. HOWEVER, I understand that this must be frustrating... I'm just saying get an email out now, and I think that Pine64 will treat your issue with respect.

Of course, I'm glad that I'm not experiencing any issues as of current - BUT if I do, I will give the company a chance to show who they are. I would be willing to bet they make it right; even if it means you having to do some install on your own, or waiting for a replacement. Lets see who Pine64 is together... theres plenty of single board computing choices out there- but I seem to think Pine64 is gonna turn out to be one of the good guys.

Following this thread; willing to help in any way I can... and lets see how this issue pans out. I'm sorry you're having to deal with it - but I think the community we're able to build on cool, cheap hardware is worth these small speedbumps.

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