Rockpro64 am I asking to much of a SBC?
Hi all,

first post on the forum, although I have been observing the forum as a guest for a long time.

I currently have an Odroid HC1 for a home assistant server and I have another Odroid HC1, which used to serve nextcloud for 4 years , but now I'm trying my hand at an OpenMediaVault installation with docker .
I've been dabbling in setting up a Nginx reverse proxy container and radicale caldav server container setup which I believe is working how I would expect , after weeks of research . Most recently I been looking into  a Jellyfin media server which I mostly got working, however researching odroid's hardware acceleration options to aid transcoding for Jellyfin, has caused me to rethink my entire server network and consider a 4gb Rockpro64 with NAS case for both home assistant and the OpenMediaVault  server.

My plan is to have Armbian as the OS , OpenMediaVault  installed via the script they provide for SBC's , Nginx reverse proxy in docker with a radicale container as one server behind the proxy and home assistant as the other server .

This would allow me to close one of the ports on my router (8123 for homeassistant) (443 and 80 currently are being used for Nginx) and allow me to remove 2 Odroids in place of one rockpro64.

Is this asking to much of the Rockpro64 ?

is the above mentioned plan the way to go ?

I've become a fan of pine64 in the last couple of years mainly  because of it's philosophy and as my first device I went all in and purchased a PineTab which I'm eagerly  waiting for , but ideally I would like to support them further and convert from the Odroids to a Rockpor64.

any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated .

thanks in advance .


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