On keyboard replacement and Pinebook Pro fragility
My ANSI keyboard arrived recently (to replace ISO one) along with NVME controller and I thought I would share my experience after mostly gentle disassembly and reassembly. Let's start with effect right after assembly:

1. Both screw standoffs were broken (I guess that's what was making noises since receiving PBP)
2. New keyboard basically did not work -- more than a half of keys did not result in any code, the rest was acting funny ie: key '1' resulted in '1', key '2' resulted in nothing, key '3' resulted in '2', key '4' resulted in nothing, key '5' resulted in '3' etc
3. Daughter board is dead
4. Possibly related to 3. USB2 devices do not work when plugged into USB3 port (forget about external keyboard, mouse or YubiKey). USB3 devices work perfectly fine though.
5. Touchpad did not work

About keyboard:

I was struggling between two options, whether to raise complaint to support or try new firmware. I realized I did not know where keyboard firmware is actually located -- if it's on the main board then it's wrong since it was for ISO keyboard. If firmware is directly on the keyboard then newly arrived keyboard was completely broken. Fortunately installing new firmware helped (after few attempts out of which few ended up in errors). Note that installing firmware is extremely complex if 1) you cannot attach external keyboard (no USB2 devices),  2) your WiFi connects after logging in (no SSH) 3) you cannot login since you don't have any working keyboard.

About daughter board:

that was the only "non-gentle" operation. The cable going into daughter board would not come off no matter what. I used a little force and it turned out the port on daughter port was somewhat broken -- smashed pins on one side. Might be the reason why USB devices worked like 50% of the time in USB2 port. Anyway lesson learnt: if you don't have to unplug something -- don't. Chances of breaking something are too high.

Now not really sure if USB2 devices not working in USB3 port is in any way related to daughter board -- that would be peculiar. Perhaps it's just some shortcoming of device tree file which assumes USB2 availability only if port on daughter board is available? Can someone from Pine sched some light? Unfortunately my usage patterns are way too reliant on YubiKey (PGP, SSH, CR) which identifies as USB2 device. If it is related I'm looking forward to replacements parts availability.

About touchpad:

After replugging a hundred times I did inspect cable joining board and touchpad and turned out one of pins was skewed. After "straightening" it touchpad worked again.

As for good news NVME adapter worked fine from the start with WD Blue SN550.

One thing is for sure: if I every open up PBP again, that would be just for replacing daughter board. Everything inside is just way too fragile.

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