Reinstalling factory debian image
I like my Pinebook Pro. I want to get a well-working OS on it. It came with the Debian image, and I liked that one. I tried the Manjaro OS, liked that, and installed it. That was straightforward: Flash SD with "Install to EMMC" option, then boot and follow the install prompts. But I have not been able to correct ... something. I get a lot of errors connecting to update software or install software. Following troubleshooting leads me to clear and re-update my mirror list, to clear and redownload keys, and it all leads nowhere. Or to a "Get better internet," which is not possible to me because my network connection is via phone hotspot. So...

I liked the Debian install. In theory I would use the Pine64 Installer, the "Debian Desktop Community Build Image [microSD to eMMC] by mrfixit2001" build, and pop the SD card into my wont-update Manjaro PBP, and it would be the same - Boot, follow prompts, done. But instead it only boots to Debian on the SD card. So. How do I get from this link ( to some recent version of the Debian PBP OS installed on my EMMC? Is this a time to boot and DD it to the EMMC? I see the narration that "The Pine64 installer will set up an SD card to automagically install" but have not been able to. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

When I try to (say) run Pine64 Installer from an SD card in the PBP with intent to target the internal EMMC, I am not able to download the installer - "Disk Full." I can pursue moving it around to different partitions, but don't want to chase the wrong tree.

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