Image build guide?
As my PinePhone should arrive in a few days I thought now would be a good time to compile my own UBPorts image.

However, I couldn't find any working build guide for compiling your own images. I mainly want to experiment with kernels so I'm not sure I'd need to compile everything, but having a general idea on the build process should help in case I'd need it.

I've tried following but that didn't get me very far. All I get is this:

$ debos -m 5G pinephone.yaml
Running /debos --artifactdir /media/djhg/Nibbler/PinePhone/rootfs-builder-debos /media/djhg/Nibbler/PinePhone/rootfs-builder-debos/pinephone.yaml --internal-image /dev/disk/by-id/virtio-fakedisk-0
2020/06/08 17:20:45 ==== Pine64 common ====
2020/06/08 17:20:45 ==== Setup core rootfs ====
2020/06/08 17:20:45 ==== Download latest ubuntu touch rootfs from CI ====
2020/06/08 17:20:45 Download started: '' -> '/scratch/ut-rootfs.tar.gz'
2020/06/08 17:21:59 Action `Pine64 common` failed at stage Run, error: stream error: stream ID 1; INTERNAL_ERROR
Powering off.

I've tried various parameters to get more information about what exactly fails without any luck. More memory didn't help either nor did a few web searches for that error. If I use the "--show-boot" option I can see the virtual machine booting and using debos-docker makes no difference, so I don't think it's a dependency issue. I'm on Debian Sid.

Is that guide up to date or is there a newer method for building images?

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