UB Touch build with debos
Hi !

I'm currently trying to build from source a UBTouch image, for the Pinephone and I'm following these instructions :

Apparently, the images are built using the tool "debos" : https://gitlab.com/ubports/core/rootfs-builder-debos
But after following the provided instructions (installing Docker, etc) and running the command :

./debos-docker -m 5G pinephone.yaml

I have the following error :
"Action `Pine64 common` failed at stage Run, error : stream error: stream ID 1; INTERNAL_ERROR"
... right after trying to download the UB Touch rootfs.

I'm wondering whether this is some kind of network or proxy problem (I can download the rootfs just fine with a web browser, though), or if anybody else has the same issue ?

Thanks !

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