Ubuntu Touch 6 brings camera to RC channel
I like to be on the edge of developement but most development releases made the Pinephone less usable when I hoped for more. That's why I've been using the RC builds for some time. Still buggy but not strange-sounds-meet-reboots-and-the-clock-is-not-updating-anymore-buggy ;-)

Now Ubuntu touch 6 is available on the RC channel and we've got a working camera out of the box! A working camera, not two. And not working well. The preview picture is reversed and updates very, very slowly. Like point, wait, wait, wait a little more and there is what you're pointing at. The pictures are quite noisy but at least they are the right way around.

Otherwise I don't see big changes. Morph browser still has no private taps, the dialer can't use the + to replace the 0 or 00 in front of the country code and the sound in calls isn't really good. I've included the mounting of my SD card in /lib/init/fstab and the upgrade from 5 to 6 didn't revert this like previous updates did.
I already have working camera on stable after update 5. (without any tweaking)
I just don't get the numbering - ut 5 RC never had a working camera so why does ut 5 stable? This makes no sense.

Now there is ut 7 RC and I can't see any progress from ut 6 RC at all.

At least the channels have been sorted out:
1 x developement
1 x RC
1 x stable

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