SSH from Windows PC into PinePhone?
I saw that my top thread in the Pine64 forum was about «Bluetooth low energy & ANT+ sports sensors Pinephone distro?»:

It had 28,700 views, but I suppose 28,700 viewers where disappointed, since altough I am highly interested in this topic, i did not get it to work since several years.

The Rasperri ANT+ which reads out sensor data from a Rasperri PI with ANT+ stick was developed on June 19, 2014 by Johannes Bader, a former PhD student from ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. It seems that a PhD in computer science is requred to read out sensor data from a Garmin watch in real-time.

Is also a PhD in computer science required to connect from a Windows PC to a PinePhone?

We made another trial following the instruction of wibble. We use PostmarketOS posh.

sudo apk add wayvnc

wayvnc -r to listen on all the phone s IP adresses

On Tiger VNC viewer on the Windows PC, whe entered in the VNC server field of VNC viewer:

where is the ip adress of the phone and 5900 is the port wibble suggested

Whe get a Tiger VNC error message:

connection to failed.

Unable to connect socket. A connection trial failed, since the partner did not react, time out, the connection was faulty or the host did not react (10060).
We had an error message with TigerVNC. It was a  Connection refused/timed out error and is already known:

we had to enter:

apk add postmarketos-config-nftables-vncserver

service nftables restart

Then, it was possible to connect with  TigerVNC on a Windows PC to a Pinephone. What we can say after a first test:

- The Pinephone screen is mirrored fine

- The Windows mouse always worked fine, and showed up on the HDMI screen and on the Pinephone

- The Windows keyboard sometimes worked, sometimes did not work

- A test with the Gnome editor worked fine to write some text

with LibreOffice:

- Sometimes it was possible to drop down the menus with the PC mouse, sometimes not

- Sometimes the PC keyboard worked, sometimes not

- The PinePhone keyboard sometimes worked with LibreOffice, sometimes not

- When we installed LibreOffice on the PinePhone, it was possible to connect a Cap Clip Bluetooth mouse, write a file, drop down the menu and save the file.

- When connected to a Windows PC, whe had to restart the phone several times, sometimes, the menu worked, sometimes the keyboard worked.

- To save a file via keyboard and mouse on the HDMI monitor worked, but it was tricky.

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