Partitioning encrypted CCC Carbon Copy Cloner AND setting up Time Machine on HDD
I'm new to owning a SBC (Rock64) and new to OMV.
Installed ayufan's stretch-openmediavault-rock64-0.9.14-1159-armhf and am able to get around on it ok.

I have a previously partitioned USB 3TB External HD. It has a ~500GB encrypted CCC partition, a ~500GB partition for Time Machine, and the remaining 2GB I would like to keep as storage for Photos and Music, etc.

The filesystems are HFS plus. The encrypted partition can't be seen by OMV file systems.

I ran these:
apt-get install hfsplus hfsutils hfsprogs
mkdir /media/hfs
mount -t hfsplus /dev/sdXY /media/hfs

I am able to create Shared SMB folders and access my photos. Spent a few hours on the TM partition with no luck though. Problems when adding a shared folder:

Failed to set file group to 'users' for '/srv/dev-disk-by-label-TMRock64/'
Error #0:
OMV\Exception: Failed to set file group to 'users' for '/srv/dev-disk-by-label-TMRock64/': in /usr/share/openmediavault/engined/rpc/
Stack trace:
#0 [internal function]: OMVRpcServiceShareMgmt->set(Array, Array)
#1 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/rpc/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#2 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/rpc/ OMV\Rpc\ServiceAbstract->callMethod('set', Array, Array)
#3 /usr/sbin/omv-engined(537): OMV\Rpc\Rpc::call('ShareMgmt', 'set', Array, Array, 1)
#4 {main}

Although it will let me apply that, as if there was no error...

I can add the newly shared folder to Apple Filing and set user permission, but then I get this error when I try to setup the new TM on my mac
The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error 2.)

OR I will get this

You do not have the necessary read, write and append privileges on the selected network backup disk.

Is the problem the HFSplus? I tried deleting the partition to format it on OMV but then it disappeared on OMV, I could only recreate it on the mac. I've also tried reinstalling OMV.

I can reconfigure the disk with different partitions if needed, I just would like to know what those should be before going through the process.

Any Ideas? Thanks

This person says avoid HFS+
permissions problem with share on HFS+ drive

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