Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
(06-18-2020, 12:56 PM)wils91 Wrote: If the manjaro is promised to be shipped and installed, it should be shipped and installed and by that I mean when I press the power button I should see manjaro and not go into some kind of upgrader or even to download the OS myself.

Manjaro is not Debian.

And why am I saying that?

One of the things Debian aims for is to always have a clean upgrade path. So long as your hardware is fully supported, you should always be able to apt-get dist-upgrade your way forward.

Now what do I see when I look on the Manjaro forums?

Quote:"We recommend re-installing the system, since we made major changes between the 20.02 and 20.04 releases, that are not part of package updates."

So, if you are running Manjaro, you are going to have to climb the hill of learning how to reflash pretty soon anyway.

When I said, "It should be sooo simple", I was not aiming to be condenscending. I was aiming to encourage people. When I tried it myself, using the most basic possible tools (dd the sd image), it worked.

When people come back with such an aggressive response, it does not make you want to try to help them any further.

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