Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
Thanks Hagvalfar

Daniel is the rude jerk.

Naturally I am upset. Because I emailed pine64 simply informing them that i received no email, no tracking info, and of course i checked the site and noted the message quite awhile back now.

I just gave them some advice and rational criticism to help as I am a decade long linux user, admin, decade+ experience in retail in a major city and degreed in communications. There is a proper and easy way to communicate directly, it's called email, it can be automated via list. It has existed for 25 years to anyone.

I also simply asked for verification that my order was being processed as the pine 64/forum whatever I saw said phones shipped.

The response was immediate in email:

"Thank you for your message. We will be happy to cancel order xxxxxx and full refund $164.99 back to your PayPal account in 10-days."

I took time to contact them and ask a simple question. After this I emailed back right away and said I never said I would like to cancel! And not to do so! Umm. hello, again, I* waited 2 1/2 months. I think my concern is warranted. I think my ask for a status update or tracking info given the message that phones shipped was entirely warranted. I think I have a damn good excuse to be ticked off with the response I got. I have still not heard back from my reply not to cancel.

Hello? Screw you Daniel, how's that for rudeness. Not cool, you reap what you sow.

I have never used Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, dropped Windows after 7 more 99.9 of applications. Never supported Apple, Google, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook all the other unethical and bad companies IN MY VIEW.

So Daniel - screw you. I have also put my words into action, personally. I have integrity - do you. Probably not, because what was your agenda coming onto the forum and saying I don't deserve a linux phone. You don't even know, or my background, experience or contributions to linux at large. However your contribution is simply a troll.

And I am not going to reply or get into a stupid forum trolling. I just chimed in with a last ditch attempt, seeing Luke, himself is a forum mod. And by the way a person of similar heritage, I would expect a standard of integrity and honor.

Pardon to others for lashing back out a Daniel but what a rude jerk. A typical pure troll move.

Troll: "A person who posts inflammatory or otherwise unwanted material on forum"

Well there are obviously A LOT of people concerned asking the same thing. So info is wanted. Daniel however comments only to inflame and cause problems. He apparently spends a lot of time on this forum defending. People who have used forums for years also know exactly about this type of person.

At this point, I still want my phone, but I would like some direct email info. That is totally rational at this point. If I received a simple email stating a status update and verification that my order is being processed (well after they were said to ship!) instead "hi, we are cancelling your order" - then there would hardly be a problem.

So let's look what the problem is here and who is being the JERK.

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