For sale: Pinebook Pro 64 GB, ANSI KB - anywhere in US
Hey all,

I bought my PBP before the quarantine thinking that it would be a great travel companion for my business trips.  With most business travel suspended, however, the PBP has gone mostly unused.  It is in like new condition, never traveled, no damage or scratches to the external case.  It comes with everything that was in the box (minus the box itself which I discarded), I will flash a fresh version of Manjaro ARM to it before shipping (or whatever OS you'd like me to).

Asking $160+shipping, will ship USPS anywhere in the US.  I'm in Pittsburgh if you are local and want to arrange a (socially distanced) pickup.  Thanks for looking and please let me know if you are interested by DM.
Hi there, I'm interested. Sounds stupid but I can't figure out how to send DMs...keep seeing "You do not have permission to access this page". Do you know of a way around this?

Otherwise, let me know if you're willing to carry on discussion elsewhere.
People keep running into this, and I found the documentation again. It's actually in the rules, which nobody ever reads.

Quote:New Forum Members
Once a user is registered: User can post 3 (reply / new thread) per day with Moderator approval.
After 3 days or 3 approved posts a user becomes a full member.

In order to exchange PMs, you *both* need to be full members.
I did see that and figured I would at least wait out the 3 days before reaching out to someone about it.

But the rule says nothing about private messages⁠—it does say that a user becomes a "full member" after 3 posts / 3 days, but it wasn't clear to me that that full membership includes private messaging capability.

@MarkHaysHarris777 I'd humbly recommend the following, if indeed I'm not the only one who gets confused about this. I took the liberty of refactoring the whole section into something I consider to be clearer.

Quote:New Forum Members
Upon registration:
* Each of a user's posts (replies and new threads) must be approved by moderator, and the user may post no more than 3 times per day.
* Private messaging is not available.
After 3 days (or 3 approved posts) a user becomes a full member, and the limits above are lifted.
It should also mention that attachments aren't available until you're a full member, as people who just joined keep bumping up against that and getting frustrated.  And you'll need to tag one of the mods who are currently active to edit it, as MarkHaysHarris777 hasn't been online since 11-03-2017, 10:11 PM.

Luke's probably busy. @Arwen?
Yikes, I didn't think to look at MarkHaysHarris777's profile. Also wasn't aware of the attachments limitation. Thanks for the tips.

Here's a new draft. I do a lot of writing and editing anyway so I figured I might as well help.

Upon registration:
* Each of a user's posts (replies and new threads) must be approved by a moderator, and the user may post no more than 3 times per day. Posts may not contain attachments.
* Sending and receiving private messages is not available.
After 3 days (or 3 approved posts) a user becomes a full member, and the limits above are lifted.
Heh, I only noticed this thread due to the need to approve the above message...

I won't lie, I had forgotten that we had a link to an ancient thread (written by someone who left the community years ago) up in the navigation bar for the rules.

Regardless, I've updated the rules to make this more clear in the future.
Community administrator and sysadmin for PINE64
(Translation: If something breaks on the website, forum, or chat network, I'm a good person to yell at about it)

Thanks @fire219 - was just about to amend that! Big Grin

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