What will you do after you bought the PineTab?
Just want to ask the community:
  • Why did you bought the PineTab?
  • What you'll plan to do with the PineTab?
  • What do you think of it and will you recommend other people to buy it?
Find me in the forest, when I'm at my lowest. I don't really think you should continue..

For the lolz.

See if it works for netbook-type use cases. By that I mean a computer with a keyboard but not expectation of high performance.

If it works for netbook-type use cases, then I'll recommend it.

I've been looking for a low weight laptop with a usable keyboard, so if the pinetab does that I'll be pretty excited. The pinebook pro is great, but weighs about twice what I'd like for an ultralight device.
Tired of dragging my 8 year old heavy power hog with a crappy battery for travel where I inevitably never use it.  Plus I figure I'll use it to type during NaNoWriMo so I'm not tied to my desktop if the keyboard isn't horrible.
(05-20-2020, 08:25 PM)Danct12 Wrote: Just want to ask the community:
  • Why did you bought the PineTab?
  • What you'll plan to do with the PineTab?
  • What do you think of it and will you recommend other people to buy it?

1.) To support an awesome project
2.) Some web browsing, and everything else that a Linux tablet can do
3.) I hope I’ll like it, as it looks really promising even with the current hardware. Absolutely!
Greetings, I am TG127 Smile 
Owner of a Braveheart PinePhone and hopefully some other Pine products soon.
My current android phone is still working so I can't justify to myself buy a pinephone. But when it kicks the dust I will buy actual linux phone if any will be on daily driver level. And as far as I can tell pinephone is the likeliest candidate.

I also wanted a tablet for some time now. But I don't want any google or apple stuff anymore. And all I need it for is some browsing and reading of pdf-s. And I think that pinetab will be able to do that in not to distant future, so I am going to get one. Big Grin
ha, I put this in the wrong thread.  I have a pinebook pro on order, not a pinetab
removable car dash mount via the cd player slot and have it tethered through a phone
actually i started building my own tablet/top? before i knew that the pine tab was coming so soon. SO I should have iy finished by the time the pine tab ships.

The pine tab is slimmer, no question, and the keyboard is more practicatl (I really dislike BT keyboards as they seem to suck too much battery and dont always sync) so we\ll see hope the PT works

The TWO big tests for me are going to be \typing\ and research.

Before I started building mine, I was in BB (first time in YEARS) looking for a headset for my 14yo and saw a lennvo yoga 9xx and fell in love. Its so slim and so fast and win10 (not my favorite by any means) just works. But at $1000 it is compeletly un justafiable.

The RASPI4 had just come out and i figured that a 4gb RPY plus 10" screen and a full installation of linux, and all should be grand.

Most of my needs revolve around writing and presentation ALONG with reading. I rarely carry fewer than several hundred books with me for reference, at any one time. Ive tried chromebooks and as good as the idea is, the execution, for me, is just not there.

So my RPI4, 4GB ram, 10" touch screen, 10000maH battery and some other accessories, should wrap up nicely

Then they announce the pinetab at a GREAT price that seems very comparable in specs.

My big question will be battery life.

I just bought a CHUWI Hi10x to replace my asus transformer, and it works well, but the battery isnt nearly as good as my FIRE, which rea;lly trks me.....

wh can kindle get 10-12 hours out of a battery on a quad core arm chip and a bloaed copy of android and no one ekse evern comes close?
(05-25-2020, 01:02 PM)mindwave Wrote: Why can Kindle get 10-12 hours out of a battery on a quad core arm chip and a bloated copy of android and no one else even comes close?

Because it's using an e-paper display, which is much more energy-efficient? There are other e-readers using e-paper.


"In contrast to an e-reader, a tablet has a screen capable of higher refresh rates which make them more suitable for interaction such as playing a video game or watching a video clip."

No free lunch, N+1, &c.
Quote:Why did you bought the PineTab? What you'll plan to do with the PineTab?
Well, I haven't bought it yet, but I want to because it seems to be a reasonable thing for the price, could be very handy while traveling (I now use only Thinkpad X240 as my mobile workstation) and actually always when I don't need a real laptop/desktop. Also, I want to use it with Bluetooth stylus to be able to actually write by hand on it (but I haven't used BT stylus yet, so I probably have to try it first) and use it to read newspapers, publications and comics/manga. And last, but not least – I really want to support such wonderful ideas, have something like MS Surface, but actually open.

Quote:What do you think of it and will you recommend other people to buy it?
Well… maybe. It depends on many factors, the most important is availability, durability etc.. And I probably wouldn't recommend it to somebody, who's not a so-called power user, at least now.

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