Booting from NVME
Hi rrowles2000, what is exactly your problem ?
Here is how I proceed (perhaps not the best way but it works)

1. Download a u-boot image : 

- (be careful use the rockpro64 image)

2. flash the image in sd card with balenaEtcher.

3. boot with this image in order to transfer it in the spi. Check that it is successful (now it shows up on screen). This image will allow pcie & usb boot. Read the Sigmaris doc.

4. Download a linux distribution (I use Armbian but also Ayufan's ubuntu)

5. Flash the distribution on the nvme ssd
- I use a nvme to usbc card and flash with BalenaEtcher or dd
- but it is probably possible to do it from a RP64 booted from emmc with the the ssd nvme plugged (not hot plugged) and flash the image with dd

6. Plug the nvme in the pcie (or remove the emmc). Boot RP64

I heard that some nvme card or ssd are not fully compatible. I have two different cards with one from pine64. Both are ok.

ssd I tried :

- samsung evo 970 plus - 512 G
- scandisk extreme pro - 512 G
- PNY XLRB - 256 G
- Crucial P2 - 1 T

all of them are ok (and not too expensive - except Samsung)

I use Armbian with Focal. I need to enable an overlay in armbian-config for the gen2 speed (if not it limits the speed to gen1)
(05-08-2021, 12:00 PM)rrowles2000 Wrote: Any update on this i have exacly the same issue
Sorted by using armbian

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