New user: Booting from emmc

My Pinepro64 came in yesterday, and I am having trouble getting it to boot from emmc. I don't have an sd card to test yet.

I would appreciate any help anyone can offer. As I'm brand new to this device I am concerned that I might be making some rookie error.

I have tried three different images: Debian, Armbian Hirsute (5.13 kernel), Armbian Buster Legacy (4.4 kernel).

With all images, the power LED shows solid green, and the ethernet port lights light up.

With both Armbian images, when I plug the power in I get a flashing white LED behind the reset button. With the Debian image I get nothing.

Based on some google searching I found that there might be issues booting newer kernels from emmc. However, in my case the older (4.4) kernel didn't work either.

I flash the emmc using the usb adapter and dd.

I am plugged into an LCD monitor using HDMI. I have a wifi/bluetooth adapter plugged in, and the emmc chip, but no other peripherals.

Thanks in advance.
I have also tried the Armbian Debian Buster (5.10 kernel), which a user in this thread said they got to boot from emmc. Unfortunately, no such luck for me. Still the flashing white LED behind the reset button that never stops flashing.

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